About Us

A Team of Reliable Dental Orthopedic Specialists

We are

A dental office limited to orofacial painorthodontics, and dental medicine. We are a tertiary treatment center for TMJ, specializing in advanced therapeutics using principles of neuromuscular dentistry. Northern California Cranio-Facial Diagnostic Center has been in Alameda (the San Francisco Bay Area/East Bay) and Sutter Creek (Gold Country) since 1986. We provide services to Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and all of Northern California. 

We Provide

Rare expertise and specialization in orofacial pain and TMJ dentistry. A significant percentage of our practice comes from more than 50 miles away. A large number of our patients fly in to Oakland International Airport as our office is only 5 minutes away.

We provide treatment for a wide range of dysfunctions that occur as a result of jaw misalignment. Our primary treatment is with removable dental appliances, almost never involving surgery. With these appliances, we are able to align the jaw and teeth and resolve many medical complaints. Through advanced jaw orthopedic techniques Dr. Jennings, a TMJ specialist, is able to treat many cases nonsurgically that have been recommended for orthognathic surgery or TMJ surgery. We use traditional braces in some instances to treat orthodontically and finish our cases.

Dr. Jennings,

A TMJ specialist, has been practicing pain management and nonsurgical orthodontics for 35 years. He is a TMJ doctor that has developed a number of innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols that have significantly improved the effectiveness of treatment for jaw dysfunction and a wide number of muscle disorders. He has done extensive literature research into the neuropathology involved with jaw dysfunction, providing a clearer understanding of this complex disorder. His experience with pain patients has significantly altered his opinions and approach in the treatment of orthodontic patients, almost always opting for nonsurgical orthodontics and alternative therapies for orthognathic surgery.