TMJ Treatment through jaw orthopedics

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  1. Mohamed says:

    Headaches-Vertigo-Ear Problems-Back pain-TMJ all related. Where sholud I start? What Specialist?I have had serious health problems like ovarian cancer which I don’t believe is related to the above problems I have.Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Auto Immune Disease, Sprained Lumbarsacral, Sciatic on both sides, TMJ. But my problem NOW TODAY is this horrible pain on the right side of my jaw/ear that it throbbing and its driving me nuts. My Family Pract. sent me to an Internalist but I cancelled the appt. Is this who I sholud see? Im more wholistic medicine not a pill popper. HELP! Direct me It may be lack of Magnesium and exercise. I had a hysterectomy (4th major laporatomy since 1997) April 4th this year and Im just starting to exercise. My massage Therapist wont see me until Im 8-10 months recovered. So he can work on my pelvic/stomach area. Im starting to work out this weekend doing the CORE system. Hopefully that will help.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      There are many conditions that you have that are related to TMJ including most likely the ovarian cancer (with
      TMJ comes elevated substance P which controls cell division). You should start with multiple things at once, but for the TMJ you need an appliance to get the back teeth taller. This keeps the jaw from compression up into the jaw joint so far. You might start with a lower 2mm soft splint that about any dentist can order up for you. But you will most likely need full treatment with reposition therapy as you have a number of serious related disorders. Dr. J

  2. Souldanzer says:

    Today I consulted a local TMJ specialist. Going over my history he found out I had functional orthodontics as a teen. I was informed that the bionator my orthodontist used to move my lower jaw forward probably created my TMJD by pulling the jaw out of its joint instead of growing the mandible. Apparently, bionators need to be applied before age 6 to actually grow the mandible bigger, after that, the mandible will not grow at all anymore but instead the bionator will damage the joint/muscle function.

    Thoughts? Is this your experience? Thank you.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      What the doctor described in not accurate. First, most people don’t need their mandible bigger, they only need it repositioned so that the joint is not so compressed. This can be done at any age. Bionators can cause joint damage if the jaw is brought forward and the back teeth are not erupted enough to support the joint. It is more likely that you were not brought far enough forward (i.e. back teeth are not tall enough to keep you forward). There could be some asymmetry that was not corrected, or possibly incline contacts left on back teeth -not coordinated precisely. But not from pulling the joint out of the socket.

      You need an assessment based upon “biomechanical principles of occlusion”. i.e. are you on trajectory with fair arc with open and close? Dr. J

  3. Roe says:

    My son has autism and will not put in the device to help any suggestions?

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Have we tried putting the device in just before bedtime? Maybe try a smaller/thinner appliance. May need to used cemented appliances.

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