TMJ Treatment Bay Area and Substance P

TMJ Treatment Bay Area and substance P

Substance P measurement is an essential part of dental orthopedic treatment directed at resolving neurogenic inflammatory disorders.  It is the measurement of substance P that verifies that any treatment was effective, and to what extent it was effective. For TMJ treatment Bay Area our office is now starting to incorporate substance P testing routinely in many of our cases.

A  big problem for TMJ treatment Bay Area and substance P testing is that Quest Diagnostics has a major error in what they list as normal levels.  Our clinical cases are starting to provide us with a better idea of what is ideal levels for substance P.

Case treatment with other medical professionals continues to surprise me at the lack of knowledge about substance P, the pain neurotransmitter.  Doctors must spend at least 70% of their time treating pain, but their knowledge of the pain neurotransmitter is severely lacking.  This knowledge is important for them to make decisions about other conditions the patient may be experiencing.  The dental profession has failed to educate the medical community as to the influence of dental orthopedic defects on systemic substance P levels.

TMJ treatment Bay Area and substance P hopes to remedy some of these shortfalls and provide evidenced based data to provide insight into the cause of a number of associated medical pathologies.


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2 Responses to TMJ Treatment Bay Area and Substance P

  1. Karen Cottey says:

    I was injured while driving a company car in January of 2005. I have been suffering from TMJ Dysfunction as well as well as having difficulty in speaking, and eating. I was also diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome by several physicians and I have been on chronic Pain management since 2006.
    The third party administrator did have in Independent Medical Evaluation and although I was not seen by or examined by the IME, that physician confirmed that I do need surgery. I do have records and pre-operative plan for surgery in which the Adminstrator (York Risk Group, Inc.) cancelled the surgery. I would like to be seen by your physician.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Is the surgery you have been approved for TMJ surgery? I would be glad to examine you if you can get authorization. What is current medical plan? Dr. J

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