Tinnitus is known to be associated with TMJ and severity of TMJ symptoms (Cranio. 2012 Jul;30(3):166-71. Are temporomandibular disorders and tinnitus associated? Saldanha AD, Hilgenberg PB, Pinto LM, Conti PC.).  Tinnitus is thought to be caused by somatic (body) nerve input affecting hearing (Prog Brain Res. 2007;166:107-23. Neural mechanisms underlying somatic tinnitus. Shore S, Zhou J, Koehler S.), with trigeminal nerve input being primary. TMJ splint therapy has been shown to be moderately effective at relieving tinnitus symptoms (Mil Med. 2000 Oct;165(10):733-6. Tinnitus, dizziness, and nonotologic otalgia improvement through temporomandibular disorder therapy. Wright EF, Syms CA 3rd, Bifano SL.).

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