Sleep disturbance

There is a small area in the brain stem called the reticular activating system.  It is what keeps the brain awake.  It happens to be predominantly affected by the tonicity of the trigeminal nerve.  Hence, with a bad bite causing trigeminal hypertonicity, the reticular activating system is overstimulated, not allowing the brain to go to sleep or stay asleep.  Sleep disorders are a frequent finding with TMJ patients.

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  1. Tammie Whiteley says:

    Need HELP with TMJ.
    Its getting worse and they say I have sleep apnea. They say take my tonsils out. I’m 54 years old. There is no air space why would I get my tonsils out and they swell up I will have no air space left. I don’t feel it comfortable with that advise. The Dr. say me for 5 minutes. I want to know what else we can do?

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Some how I did not get notification of your inquirey till today. Sleep apnea and tmj often require the same treatment (advancement of the lower jaw). This can be done non-surgically through dental orthopedic appliances. Dr. J

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