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jaw misalignment

Underbite and lateral shift in bite

Services Provided:

The services provided at our offices are based on our expertise in dental orthopedics (Definition of dental orthopedics: The area of dentistry concerned with the assessment and correction of jaw alignment).  Most dentists are not aware of dental orthopedics, nor do they know that the jaw can be repositioned. Dental orthopedics today is as unknown as periodontal treatment was prior to 1960.  This area of dentistry is critical in that proper alignment has a major influence on brain function, posture, strength, balance, wound healing, bone metabolism, mood disorders, and numerous other vital systems.

Services provided in our offices include the following:

  1. TMJ treatment through dental orthopedics
  2. Advanced Obstructive Sleep apnea treatment based on comprehensive integration of medical history and health status
  3. Non-extraction Orthodontic Treatment based on precision jaw orthopedics
  4. Natural Cures for TMJ Associated Medical Disorders through jaw orthopedics
  5. Full Mouth Reconstruction based on advanced  neuromuscular dentistry principles and precision jaw orthopedics

Dental orthopedics developed out of European orthodontic techniques brought to this country in the late 60’s and 70’s .  It was the European orthodontic techniques that first made dentistry realize that jaws could be repositioned.  Dental orthopedics was further advanced by work at the same time by the development of computerized diagnostics in “neuromuscular dentistry”.  The importance of jaw orthopedics was recognized by the American Dental Association in 1998 when it changed the official title of orthodontist from “orthodontic specialist” to “orthodontic and orthopedic specialist”.

A problem that was created when the American Dental Association changed the title of orthodontists but did not change their educational requirements.  Hence, this area has continued to be poorly understood by the very specialist that are charged with its assessment.

Dr. Jennings has worked for over 25 years full time treating jaw orthopedic defects.  In that time he has developed many insights and new protocols for jaw orthopedics.  Of utmost importance to the future understanding of jaw orthopedics is his paper on Biomechanical Principles of Occlusion.



5 Responses to Services Provided

  1. Abbie says:

    Do you take Delta Dental PPO insurance? I’m having a hard time finding someone on their list who specializes in TMJ problems.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Abbie: We are glad to bill your Delta for you, but I am not a Delta provider. That means that you will get reimbursed at a lower rate. This doesn’t usually change overall reimbursement as TMJ treatment costs are much higher than lifetime maximum under Delta. Dr. J

  2. mary sellers says:

    Hi, I have TMJ .My facial has turned into a moon shape with large jaw muscle protrusions parrell to my ear..Do you take State of California of Calif work comp SCIF. I had severe trauma to my body in nov. 08 untreated clenching pain. Finally a comp dr. new ran MRI and found damage 2 surgery down 5 to go.. a mess. Signed extremely painful facial moony face . My private insurance is delta but this is a comp case..Do you take Kaiser Patients..My daughte has TMJ .. I dont know her dental carrier. Thank You Mary Sellers

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Mary: I do treat workers comp cases, but I am not sure if I am an approved provider. Your current primary provider can get authorization for you to see us and then I would be able to determine if they will pay me for treatment. TMJ is typically covered under medical insurance, not dental, though some dental policies have limited coverage. Kaiser has their own network of providers for TMJ, though I have received outside referral on occasion. TMJ treatment can be covered under orthodontic coverage as the teeth have to be moved in most cases. DR.J

  3. judith nychay says:

    My 15 year old son was told he did not need braces but xrays revealed his wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle requiring extraction.
    Can you offer an alternative and what will be the approximate cost and treatment plan? He has Cigna dental insurance through my employer.


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