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It was over 25 years ago that I happened to notice that a patient of mine with seizures six times a year for all her life, no longer had seizures after correcting her jaw alignment to remedy headaches.  Since that time I have treated over 60 cases with a very high percentage of resolution of seizures. Bite therapy seems to be a very effective cure for seizures.  I have also seem many cases in which poor orthodontics or dental treatment has induced seizures.

When the bite is off it causes the pain neurotransmitter levels in the body to rise (substance P).  Substance P is known to lower cell membrane voltage and thus be a common dysfunction underlying  seizures.  There is extensive medical literature regarding substance P and seizures (see  Please see Epilepsy Treatment through Trigeminal Neve.

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  1. Judy LaTorre says:

    Thank you for this info. It is very promising.
    I have been looking into this from other sources.
    As an infant, I had 2 seizures, then was fine until about 32 years old, after braces,
    teeth extraction and 2 childbirths. I do have TMJ, Not pain just a clicking sound and sometimes a brief locking. currently I am seeing a Chiro for that.
    When I mentioned the tmj issue to my Neurologist, she insisted it was mechanical and not neurological. Is there a way to tell if the seizures are being caused by this? I have had a normal mri, 24 hour eeg, I am on dilantin. in the EMU unit when meds were lowered they said only one electrode showed activity.
    I am not looking for medical advice, maybe just guidance to more info. thanks Judy

  2. Dr. Jennings says:

    Judy: The clicking is an indication that the jaw is misaligned, which could cause elevated substance P. Chronic elevated substance P would likely show up with multiple other inflammatory conditions (for example: sinus infections, hypersensitivities, IBS, skin conditions, etc.). Teeth extractions with orthodontics? would likely increase substance P levels. Dr. J

  3. irene says:

    my son has lower jaw slightly forward so he cannot bite his teeth together properly. has suffered seizures since aged 10. we are seeing specialist at hospital soon for advice re whether surgery suitable or brace. Will see if this stops seizures.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Surgery is not a good approach to find a “dysfunction”. It will change structure but not make a person functionally ideal. You would want to find out where his jaw wants to be postured before considering any changes surgically. Braces likewise, change teeth around but as they are typically done, do not “orthopedically” align jaw. Aligning jaw requires the use of functional appliances and a process that sequentially gets the jaw closer and closer.

  4. Jillian says:

    Hopefully you will be able to reply to this comment. I have been experiencing sinusitis as well as tmj and just recently had my 2nd seizure. My jaw has been hurting nonstop since. I have been on 5 different antibiotics for the sinusitis which have not worked. Both my neurologist and ENT doctor deny any connection between the seizures and sinus infection. What are your suggestions on what I should do to be well again and hopefully not have another seizure?

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Sorry for the delayed response, I missed the notification somehow. You should have your jaw alignment assessed. Jaw misalignment would cause elevated substance P and also sinusitis. Email me a picture of your bite and I will give you some input. Dr. J

  5. Tony says:

    I had a ton of dental work..braces and extractions included. During one of the procedures my jaw locked open too. I have my jaw pop at least 50x’s a day and in Jan 2014 experienced my fierst of several seizures. One that resulted ina crash nd another that ended with a 3 day induced coma. I truly believe the jaw misalignment is a huge factor. I live in Las Vegas. Can you reccomend anybody?? Any direction will hope..I mean help me tremendously!!!

  6. Cheri says:

    My 59 yr old sister had jaw surgery last year because she had severe jaw pain and eventually her jaw locked. Since then, she has had episodes like petite mal seizures that last from 20 min to several hours, occuring daily. She has been to Mayo clinic recently and had every test done that all came back normal. We are seeking treatment for the seizures-is this something you can treat?

  7. Ann says:

    I had extensive dental work about 10 years ago. Tooth extractions as well including a cross bite. I just had a g/mall seizure first time. I am in my early 50’s. My jaw pains but no clicking. I wear retainers while I sleep. I have severe headaches, dizziness, pain in my head, especially on my temples. Is there surgery for misalignment?

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