Non-Extraction Orthodontics

Non-extraction Orthodontics San Francisco Bay Area:

Much of the time in my 35+ years in dentistry has been spent treating patients with chronic pain, unfortunately many of those patients had prior orthodontic treatment with extraction.  Non-extraction orthodontics San Francisco Bay Area is written with the hope that some will listen and avoid the dysfunction that is created with most all extraction therapy.

non-extraction orthodontics san francisco bay area

Non-extraction orthodontics vs. extraction

One of the most telling articles ever written on impact of extraction therapy, was that in which one of twin girls underwent four bicuspid extraction, and her sister did not.  Please note the pictures and the impact on head shape and size.  This change will have a major impact on airway, tongue function, forward head posture, and jaw function.  Extraction therapy is known to reduce TMJ joint space.  With jaw dysfunction patients are prone to a long litany of medical disorders.

Most orthodontist recommend extraction because they are not proficient in dental orthopedics.  There are very few cases in which the jaw bones cannot be developed adequately to avoid extractions.

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  1. Laura Bruner says:


    I’ve been dealing with debilitating pain in my neck, scalines, suboccipitals, and left arm. After MRIS, PT, EMGs, I still have no answers.

    I’m looking into the possibility of my jaw as the root cause. I’m hoping you might be able to get in touch with me so I can speak with you about options.

    Thank you!

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