Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Alternative Treatment:substance P books

The primary pathology created with a misaligned jaw is the elevation of “substance P” levels in the body.  There is extensive literature demonstrating link between elevated substance P and irritable bowel syndrome (Substance P and Irritable Bowel).The effect of substance P is that it hypersensitizes all sensory neurons as well as strongly influences inflammation.  Substance P is also a major mediator of intestinal motility (tachykinins and gut motility), thus causing spastic bowel function when it becomes elevated.

I have had many cases whose gut function that is dramatically changed with jaw alignment therapy.  Substance P alters calcium transport on the cell membrane, thus increasing cell membrane permeability- i.e. leaky gut(gutsubstanceP).  Substance P is also known to control migration of cells within the gut, thus altering healing ability(gutsubstanceP).

See also(neuropeptides in inflammatory bowel disease).

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