Hip, leg, knee, and foot pain

When there is hip, leg, knee, or foot pain in the absence of any trauma or radiographic evidence of abnormality, jaw alignment therapy has been highly effective. Unbeknownst to the medical community is an unusual anatomical connection that is overlooked. That is, the trigeminal nerve has the ability to modulate all sensory signals that come up the spinal chord (reticulospinal tract is made up of second order trigeminal neurons). That means that when the jaw is dysfunctional (and the trigeminal nerve tone is elevated), it can modulate the ascending sensory signal and cause one to feel pain. The trigeminal nerve also has the ability to modulate the ascending sensory signal in the brainstem and thalamus. The trigeminal nerve is also a major modulator of the level of neuropeptides which effect vascular flow and nerve sensitivity levels.


There are other mechanisms that involve the trigeminal nerve by which pain can occur that are likewise not well known. There is published neurological literature which reports a reflex between the jaw joint and the hip on the opposite side of the body. The trigeminal nerve nucleus (which measures jaw alignment/positioning-mescencephalic nucleus)has been shown to effect and modulate muscle tone throughout the body (e.g. bite imbalances cause scoliosis).

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