Ear Infections

Though medical doctors know that the trigeminal nerve is directly involved with all ear functions, when confronted with ear infections, they rarely consider jaw malalignment (which has a profound effect on the trigeminal nerve).

The trigeminal nerve effects the ear primarily in three ways:

1. Trigeminal nerve ennervates the tensor veli palitini muscle which opens and closes the Eustachian tube.
Hypertonicity within the trigeminal nerve can lead to dysfunction of the muscle, causing ear infections,
plugged ears, or difficulty clearing ears with change in altitude.


2. Trigeminal nerve ennervates the tensor tympani muscle within the ear. Dysfunction of this muscle will lead to hyperacousis (avoidance of loud noises) and loss of hearing.


3. Trigeminal nerve influences mucous secretions within the internal and external auditory meatus. This can lead to a higher propensity for mucous build up. Two studies of which I am aware demonstrate
that jaw alignment therapy was approximately 85% effective at stopping otitis media (middle ear infection). Excess ear wax is also a frequent phenomenon with jaw dysfunction.

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