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28 Responses to Contact us: Serving the Valley, Bay Area, Sacramento, Stockton,Oakland and San Francisco

  1. Lindsey Dahlberg says:

    I am a patient in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN area. I am wondering if Dr. Jennings has any recommendations on the type of specialist or someone specific I should see who will understand/follow Dr. Jennings philosophies and methods described for TMD treatment that are posted on this website & in his papers. Thank you.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Lindsey? There is no one that would be exactly the same, but there are two places you might want to check:ICCMO.ORG and with Dr. Spahl to see how they would look at your problem. Dr. J

  2. Judy Powers says:

    Hi Dr. Jennings,

    I have two teenagers who need braces, one for an extreme overbite and the other for narrow upper arch and posterior crossbite. When you can view specific problems that need to be fixed, why would you start these patients on orthotics and not go right to work?

    Thanks, Judy

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Many times a detailed medical history suggests that their lifelong bite problem has hypersensitized their system. If you align the bite with an orthotic first it will calm the system down and not aggravate it, possibly causing problems (like headaches, seizures, flu, etc). The orthotic is also needed to find a precise 3 dimensional target of your tooth movement. The goal is to get the jaw precisely functionally aligned, not just cosmetically acceptable looking teeth.
      Dr. J

  3. Paul Noddings says:

    I have tinnitus (ringing in my ear) and some-one suggested that it may be related to jaw alignment. To my knowledge, my jaw is not “mis-aligned” but it could be. Have you treated other patience with tinnitus? What is your opinion on this subject area?
    Paul in Santa Cruz

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      I have treated many patients with tinnitus with good results. See the articles associated with this web site: Generally, it is thought that increased nerve tone from the trigeminal nerve (jaw nerve) modulates hearing causing the tinnitus.

      Jaw misalignment is present to varying degrees in everyone; the amount of overbite is a good indicator of how much the jaw is misaligned in the anterior posterior plane. It can also be off in the lateral plane.
      Dr. J

  4. Sarah Pursell says:

    Hi, I have TMJ, migraines and have also been told I have a high bridge? or narrow bridge between my upper teeth due to having teeth pulled and braces and headgear to align a sever overbite. I’m on the GAPS diet and have been told I don’t hold adjustments possibly due to metal toxicity affecting my thyroid/adrenals… Anyways, right now I’m also a lactating mother in the process of weaning and am thinking maybe I simply need to remove me fillings and then ? Would you realign my bite? Have you found that metal toxicity interferes with orthotics? Does insurance cover any of this?
    Thank you!

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      The sequence of treatment is usually to align the jaw before removing fillings. Jaw alignment lowers substance P levels and hence improves cell function, thus allowing the body to eliminate heavy metals. Heavy metals do not interfere with orthotics. Jaw repositioning therapy is typically covered by medical insurance unless there is a TMJ exclusion. Dr. J

  5. linda says:

    Hi Dr. Jennings,

    I have severe tmj after i got braces. My jaw was deviated to the left being more up and back than the right. My functional orthodontist wants to use a twin block, but he said there will be no adjustments to it. Is that correct? He said he will only be monitoring the appliance but no adjustments needed since its only to but my lower jaw forward?

    Thank you

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      One could use the appliance to just advance the lower jaw, but then it needs to be retained while the posterior teeth are coordinated. Otherwise, when you take it out there is lots of interferences on how you bite, which can cause the jaw to go back again or cause bite interferences and possibly aggrevate tmj. Dr. J

  6. linda says:

    Hi Dr Jennings,
    what do you mean by retained while the posterior teeth be coordinated? Does that mean while I am wearing the twin block my back teeth has to be moved?

    thank you for your fast reply,


  7. Nancy Kaufman-Cohen says:

    Hi Dr. Jennings,

    I’m wondering whether Kaiser ever refers to you.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Kaufman-Cohen

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      They don’t usually, but I have one case that they did some years ago. They have their own dentists that they contract with for TMJ services. Dr. J

  8. tiffany costello says:

    Back in january of this year I was prescribed cipro and had an adverse drug reaction only taking two 500mg pills. approximately 2 weeks after that I developed intractable dizziness/ vertigo that has not abated. I was told I could have developed TMJ from the fluoroquinolone toxicity since I also have ear pain, jaw pain and recently sore throat. The vertigo has been extremely disconcerting and disruptive to everday life. Can you give any insight or advice on any possible treatment modalities. Incidently, I never experienced any such symptoms prior to taking the cipro.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Tiffany: I hope your symptoms are better by now. The vestibular system operates heavily on substance P, which can become elevated with medications. Fixing the bite is the most effective way of lowering substance P, though it can be lowered with good diet or cayene pepper. Most spices are helpful at mitigating substance p effects. Dr. J

  9. Rebecca says:

    I saw you on Dave Asprey’s show. Would like to know if you can recommend anyone in the DC/ northern Va area? Thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have two question to ask…

    1). Can TMJ Disorder cause “dry eyes”?
    2). Can TMJ Disorder cause a person to feel “pressure and tightness” behind the eyes, especially when moving the eyes in different directions (up, down, left, right, etc.)?

    I suffer from both dry eyes and pressure/tightness behind the eyes (as well as many other symptoms). I was recently diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. I will be starting treatment very soon.

    • Dr. Jennings says:

      Yes, TMJ can cause dry eyes. It can do it two ways, one by effecting tear flow, and the other is by causing the skin on the surface of the eyes to grow scale like. Pressure behind the eyes is a fairly common symptom. Dr. J

      • Anonymous says:

        There is two additional symptoms I would like to ask you about…
        1). Vision problems
        –For example, if I am reading text on a page offline or online, the words are “blurry” and there is “too much light” shining through the words, adding to the blurriness and making the words appear “foggy-like”.

        2). Dull-like chronic, 24/7 pressure feeling coming from far back in (or behind of) my nose
        –The pressure fluctuates at times…and even increases when, for example, I am “bending down forward”, as if I am tying my shoes.

        …Could these two symptoms that I experience on a 24/7 basis be caused by a TMJ Disorder?

        Like I mentioned before, I suffer from other symptoms as well. I have seen many medical doctors for my symptoms, including those at the “Mayo Clinic”. I have also had multiple imaging tests done–Brain MRI, Orbit MRI, Orbit CT Scan, Head CT Scan, Sinus CT Scan, etc. No cause of my symptoms had been found.

  11. Mr. Strebe says:

    Dr. Jennings,

    I appreciate the work you do and have been dealing with severe TMJ for over 10 years. I thought I was destined to just live with the symptoms but you gave me hope!

    Is here someone in the St. Louis area that you would recommend?

    Thanks again!

  12. C Nugent says:

    Greetings Dr Jennings,
    My TMD went undiagnosed for 5 years. The pain significantly destroyed the quality of life. I couldn’t open my mouth more than 10mm, jaw deviated freakishly to the right and I couldn’t talk or eat anything that required extensive chewing. My social life seized. My pain was dismissed as stress. I spent an exuberant amounts of money on frivolous mouth guards that promised to alleviate the pain along with numerous villainous Doctor consults who took advantage of my vulnerability. I rushed myself to the ER a few times begging for jaw surgery. I was willing to break it just so we could fix it and put me out of misery. It felt as if my skull Was being crushed by a Middle Ages torture device where the brain and jaw were being compressed to the point of shattering. I lost a sea of sleep during the 5 year battle. It wasn’t until last year I found a compassionate dentist who ordered an MRI of the jaw. I discovered that my right disc was anteriorly dislocated without reduction. The same dentist referred me to a TMJ specialist in Boise, Idaho. I flew out straight away. (The cost to fly out for a week, get an unlocking procedure and two mouth guards was surprisingly cheaper than one doctor visit and one guard in Los Angeles). The unlocking was successful and I was able to talk longer than 10 minutes again as well as eat and sleep. It’s been a year now…I just returned from Idaho for a follow-up visit and it appears my disc is still dislodged but in a more comfortable position. The pain is starting to creep back and the deviation to the right is slowly getting more prominent. I feel my jaw is unbalanced. Muscles, nerves and ligaments are being pulled in one direction. My bit is off. My teeth are starting to shift greatly and I’m not certain braces is an option considering the jaw is aligned. I know the muscles need to relax before proper alignment is established but I cannot find a craniotherapist in Los Angeles who truly and effectively knows how to treat my condition. I’ve been almost everywhere, including Cedars Sinai and UCLA. I’m willing to travel anywhere in the world to settle this. I would appreciate your expert advise and wisdom. Many thanks!

  13. C Nugent says:

    I should mention that Dr. Kuehne at the Craniofacial pain and Sleep Apnea in Idaho was the first doctor in 5 years to make a life changing difference in my TMD. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for his humanitarian and altruistic efforts in helping relieve my pain. I am still blown away with his compassion for his patients. His motto is to keep prices low so he can see more cases. A true godsend and healer. I praying I find more like him to contribute my reconstruction. Two sets of eyes are better than one that is why I’m reaching out to you. Thank you again for your time!

  14. Vidal says:

    Hi Dr. Jennings,

    Really enjoyed listening to you on Dave Asprey’s podcast. Do you recommend anyone in San Diego CA area? Thank you.

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