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Tourette’s and other movement disorders

Tourette’s and movement disorders of multiple types (Parkinson’s, Torticollis, scoliosis, gait disorders, etc.) have been reversed with cranio-mandibular alignment therapy.  This connection is still not known by many doctors seven years after the publication of the information.  This connection is … Continue reading

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TMJ and systemic health: the missing link

The question is how can the bite possibly affect so many health conditions.  This is the response I sent today: I think the clearest term to  use for what I am about to share is “cranio-mandibular orthopedics (CMO)”.  The main … Continue reading

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Cancer, Substance P, and your bite

Cancer, Substance P, and your bite Note Substance P: the neurotransmitter for all pain signals to the brain. Substance P naturally becomes elevated with eating. Systemic levels are heavily influenced by jaw alignment (which is off in the vast majority … Continue reading

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