Cancer Treatment San Francisco Bay Area

Cancer Treatment San Francisco Bay Area

Cancer Treatment San Francisco Bay Area is about finding real solutions for cancer.  Clinical case histories are further validating the strong theoretical  foundation that elevated substance p secondary to jaw misalignment are a major contributory factor to  the development of multiple types of cancer. See prior blog.

Today I saw two cases that I have been treating with dental orthopedics for 6months and fifteen months respectively.  Both have had major improvement in their cancer markers.  The first case with leukemia has dramatically improved his blood cell types.  In this case, his substance P levels have dropped from over 300 to 39 (less than 60 is normal). It is suspected that the elevated substance P was impacting stem cell differentiation (based on research).

The other with breast cancer has documented many months of continued improvement in CA125.

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  1. Geoff Magee says:

    I have TMJ and have read in a few places now about a link to cancer. It’s weird how the jaw being not aligned properly can lead on to other ailments. I know once I got my own jaw aligned properly that as a result my overall health has improved greatly. This is especially true for my sleeping pattern and probably my renewed energy.

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