Cancer, Substance P, and your bite

Cancer, Substance P, and your bite

Note Substance P: the neurotransmitter for all pain signals to the brain. Substance P naturally becomes elevated with eating. Systemic levels are heavily influenced by jaw alignment (which is off in the vast majority of people). Substance P has two primary influences on the body: 1)primary mediator of inflammation 2) hypersensitizes all sensory neurons

Extensive medical literature exists about how substance P (see is a suspicious compound as to the cause of many types of cancer. I have known for decades that “precise dental orthopedic therapy” based on “biomechanical principles of occlusion” is highly effective at reducing substance P levels as dental orthopedic treatment is readily resolves many medical conditions associated with elevated substance P (see Substance P Cascade).

Over the past couple years I have been measuring substance P levels (Quest Diagnostics Note: their normal levels are severely off) on a number of cancer patients with jaw misalignment before and after precise dental orthopedic treatment.  The results have been nothing but dramatic.  The treatment has been able to reduce substance P levels by up to 90%.  The leukemia and lymphoma cases have responded dramatically over about a two month period of time.  Cervical cancer cases CA125 levels have dropped slowly over time to around 11.0. This is only preliminary results and will need to be tested further with a greater number of cases, but due to the non-invasive manner of the treatment, dental orthopedic therapy should be considered when faced with much greater invasive options.  Lowering substance p levels should also be the goal of medical treatment to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

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  1. ken lane says:

    I have suffered through “tmj ” and numerous dentist and chiropractors. There was some improvement a couple of times. Two issues that alter my life is tinnitus and “asthma “, both of which improved greatly when “tmj “was improved.
    As of present, “tmj ” bad as well as tinnitus and “asthma “.

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