Auto Immune Disorders

Auto Immune Disorders

Auto immune disoders are often found in conjunction with TMJ dysfunction. In one study it was found that 54% of rheumatoid arthritic patients had TMJ.  A review of the literature shows that TMJ has been found in rheumatoid arthritis at the rate of 59 to 94  per cent ( see abstract).  The confusion found in most of these articles is that there is a known correlation, but not a known interrelationship.  It is my claim that there is a direct causal relationship between TMJ and auto immune disorders.

The correlation is not widely known, much less the causal connection.  How TMJ causes auto immune disorders is due to the fact that bite dysfunction causes elevated “substance P“, the neurotransmitter for all pain signals to the brain.  Substance P levels are disproportionately influenced by a bad bite because the trigeminal nerve, which innervates the face, has 100 times more dense pain fibers than any other nerve in the body.  Sustance p is known to hyper excite the immune system.

Clinical experience has shown that bite correction is highly effective at reversing numerous types of auto immune disorders.  It is known that substance p levels are elevated in all auto immune disorders (see article).  Bite therapy has been shown to  improve multiple sclerosis (see article)


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