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Tourette’s and other movement disorders

Tourette’s and movement disorders of multiple types (Parkinson’s, Torticollis, scoliosis, gait disorders, etc.) have been reversed with cranio-mandibular alignment therapy.  This connection is still not known by many doctors seven years after the publication of the information.  This connection is … Continue reading

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TMJ and systemic health: the missing link

The question is how can the bite possibly affect so many health conditions.  This is the response I sent today: I think the clearest term to  use for what I am about to share is “cranio-mandibular orthopedics (CMO)”.  The main … Continue reading

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TMJ controversy continues

The TMJ controversy continues to go on.  It is evidence as to the great lack of understanding amongst dentists as to what causes TMJ. A recent article in the California Dental Association Journal: The Great TMJ Controversy ( cda journal … Continue reading

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Bite dysfunction causing cognitive impairment

Multiple recent case studies have reminded me of  how the bite can have a major influence on brain cognition.  Bite dysfunction, by multiple pathways, can cause total loss of cognition or cloudy thinking.  This effect is likely to be caused … Continue reading

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TMJ treatment: Orthodontics vs dental orthopedics

  TMJ treatment: orthodontics vs dental orthopedics It is embarrassing to myself and my profession that dentistry is so ill informed as to the difference between orthodontics and dental orthopedics.  Orthodontics is used to straighten teeth (typically done with braces).  … Continue reading

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Magnesium deficiency and TMJ

Magnesium Deficiency and TMJ Medical research  is very clear that magnesium deficiency causes highly elevated substance P levels, but high substance p levels are also found with jaw misalignment.  When both conditions are present it could easily account for the … Continue reading

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TMJ Treatment Bay Area and Substance P

TMJ Treatment Bay Area and substance P Substance P measurement is an essential part of dental orthopedic treatment directed at resolving neurogenic inflammatory disorders.  It is the measurement of substance P that verifies that any treatment was effective, and to … Continue reading

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Cancer, Substance P, and your bite

Cancer, Substance P, and your bite Note Substance P: the neurotransmitter for all pain signals to the brain. Substance P naturally becomes elevated with eating. Systemic levels are heavily influenced by jaw alignment (which is off in the vast majority … Continue reading

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Headache Treatment Confusion

Headache Treatment Confusion: Headache treatment confusion is all around us.  This  became very evident this week with a new patient that has gone to great lengths to find a solution for her constant headaches for the past 9 years.  The … Continue reading

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Substance P and Oxygen- impact on cancer and brain health in San Francisco Bay Area

Substance P and Oxygen: Substance P and oxygen are two of the most fundamental compounds necessary for proper function of the body.  Substance P is present in most tissues in the body, and perhaps the best way to view it … Continue reading

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