Another reason why TMJ treatment fails

There is something to be said for years of experience.  One of the things that I have observed from treating thousands of TMJ cases is that compressed jaw joints continue to decompress for months, if not years.  This is demonstrated by the fact that over time many cases develop excess anterior contact or the lower jaw functionally wants to be more forward.  This is such a consistent phenomenon that my treatment is designed to allow for this movement.  In less experienced professional treatment plans I suspect that it leads to many cases of recurrent pain and joint dysfunction.  It is but another reason why TMJ treatment fails.

The best way that I have found to remedy this moving structure is over treat TMJ cases such that I leave them with an anterior open bite for approximately three to 6 months (function brings them back together).  I find that if the anterior teeth contact sooner than that, that the likelihood of eventual failure is high.

Other aspects of why TMJ treatment fails can be found at my Youtube video.

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